450nm Blue Laser with Small Color HMI OLED, speed control and output power display
450nm High Output OEM blue Laser450nm Blue Laser used in CNC Etching.Blue Laser Diode BeamsMicroprocessor controlled cooling, 2.4" OLED HMI display of Output Power & Temperature.Fiber Optic Coupling add-on.

445nm – 450nm Blue OEM Laser Assembly

$400.00$1,975.00 $470.00$945.00

Optical Output Power :

445nm Blue OEM Lasers / 450nm Blue OEM Lasers

CW (continuous wave) & Modulated 0-5V / TTL to 160KHz

Wavelength: 445-450nm – blue

Output beam at aperture: 1mm x 3mm, divergence?>2mRad

Adjustable single element UV coated Glass lens

Large Heatsink. Thermally Potted to Laser Diode Assembly

Black or unpainted Aluminum Case

4.53″ x 3.54″ x 2.01″???? 115mm x 90mm x 51mm?????????????????????????????????? NEW ?? (Remote Head 35mm x 50mm x 50mm w/o fan)

High-Powered fan for optimal cooling

90 day warranty against defects & Workmanship.


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