520nm OEM Laser Assemblies


Our 520nm, 50mW – 1000mW green semiconductor diode lasers? offer much higher efficiency and longer? MTTF? due to the lack of? DPSS? frequency doubled, pump cavities. No Infrared (808nm & 1064nm) leakage.? Each OEM laser? consists of a new 520nm green laser diode single AR Coated element glass adjustable lens, CW or TTL / Analog modulation to <1MHz Power driver and cooling.? Beam Divergence 7?25, >2mRad. Polarization 20:1 ratio.

We offer TOTAL customization of ANY laser. All items within our web store are for OEM COTS (Off the Shelf) units. We offer value added services such as fiber optic coupling, Anamorphic Beam Shaping, TEC Cooling and Use of your “diode” (depending on required amperage, <5A) Please contact us for a quotation.


WANNA TALK? We do!!! Call us (321) 212-9075 with any Sales or Custom order information/Questions - or - E-Mail info@visiblediodelasers.com for options & Prices Dismiss