This laser is not a complete unit and must not be treated as such. It does not comply with FDA/CDRH regulations regarding complete laser systems. 
With Purchase of this OEM Component you affirm that you will follow all FDA/CDRH regulations / precautions.  Moreover, you affirm you are over the age of 18 years or older.
Laser order are shipped between 7 - 10 days ARO.(After Receipt of Order) Each unit is made to order and not purchased from overseas or outsourced. Some laser orders may have extended lead-times due to component delays.
You understand that these laser components that are mentioned above are dangerous when not properly assembled into a finished product. 
You will use these components as an OEM product and properly incorporate them into a finished product. 
You will use these laser diode modules / OEM housings in a safe and responsible manner and for a legal purpose.  You are legally responsible for the use of these components, improper use of these components or their end products. 
You are legally responsible for any injury to anybody resulting from the use of or assembly of these components or their finished products. 
Upon Purchase, you accept this notice understanding that any of Visible Diode Lasers LLC Lasers are OEM COMPONENTS for integration in a system of YOUR OWN design and You (The Buyer) will be legally responsible for its safe use and hold Visible Diode Lasers LLC Harmless of any and all LIABILITIES associated with its use. 
Therefore, this laser does not comply with the appropriate requirements of FDA 21CFR, section 1040.10 and 1040.11 for complete laser products. This Laser therefore defined simply as a Subsystem / component and is designed solely as an OEM component for incorporation into the customer's end product(s).
 ? ? Laser Warning label, Class 4, Laser Warning C4 FDA Laser Class IV Warning

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